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The Email Made Easy System is your simple solution to finally turning your email list into a relationship-driven, revenue-fueling asset in your business.


Discover how to write emails that your list will love, save countless hours by repurposing your existing content, and easily automate the process to free up your time while still making sales.  

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Do you feel like your email strategy is lacking... or non-existent?

You work hard creating content for your audience every week. You're writing social media posts, building products, and pouring your heart and soul into your business... but then you look at your email list and feel guilty, knowing it's going to waste.

You want a simple (and effective) way to connect with your audience and drive sales day after day... but you don't have time to get a PhD in email marketing. You just need something that works and fits into your already-too-busy life.

Whether you're...

👉  A coach or consultant trying to build relationships with your list so you can grow your client roster.

👉  A content creator selling digital courses or products looking to generate more sales at scale.

👉  A marketer desperately looking for an easier, simpler, and far faster way to manage your email marketing efforts.

You found the system for you! This isn’t a course to teach you ideas but leave you stranded on how to actually go out and use the strategies...


The Email Made Easy System gives you tools, templates, and simple step-by-step processes to save you time and frustration by following a proven path to email marketing success.


Even better... you can get it all launched in less than a week.  🚀  


In this simple system, you'll get access to:

  • Foolproof Copy Blueprints that you can personalize and plug-and-play.

  • Instant Automation Launch System you can import and set up without any technical experience.

  • Powerful 6-Part Copywriting Formula that make writing engaging emails SUPER easy.

  • The 3 Essential Email Frameworks that will forever change how you think about writing emails.

  • The Content Idea Generator, which will guide you through creating endless ideas for compelling content.

  • The Content Maximizer Method that turns your existing content into amazing emails in just minutes.

  • Email Calendar Power Planner you can copy and paste to plan emails and promotions for the whole month.

  • The Lazy Writer's Super Shortcut that show you the ultimate shortcut to writing multiple emails all at once.

  • The Supercharged A.I. Copywriting Strategy that cuts 80% or more of your writing time.

  • Customer Journey Map Masterclass to create exceptional experiences for each subscriber and improve conversions.

  • Email Sequence Secrets for identifying (and creating) the transformation your subscribers desperately desire. 

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Stephen's Story...


"Before I started, I struggled with knowing what relevant things to say to each person. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

I needed a structure and a reason for why I was creating emails, instead of some scattergun approach where I was just pumping out content.

This course was a really great fit because it quite literally tells you what to do, why you're doing it, and what to do next.

It has given me a load of copy and paste tools that are going to save me bags of time and given me a step-by-step process that shows me exactly what I’m supposed to do and what to do next, which is exactly what I need!" 

- Stephen Gibson, founder of


Michael's Story...


"Building out automations can be really time consuming, frustrating and even confusing. That's why the Email Made Easy System is such a game changer. As soon as I got into the course, instead of giving me a bunch of information and expecting me to just figure it out, this system gave me clear steps and an action plan. The templates and the frameworks made it so easy to get started, I was already making progress once I jumped in.

In less than a week after going through the program and utilizing the content calendar, I had already planned out my weekly emails for the entire year. That alone saved me so much time that the program already paid for itself. It's really mind blowing. This is by far the best program that I've ever gone through when it comes to effectively utilizing email as a profitable marketing channel in my own business." 

- Michael Elsner, founder of

Imagine if you finally had an easy way to...

Nurture Leads & Convert Sales on Auto-Pilot

Stand Out From The Competition By Leaps & Bounds

Turn Your Email List Into Your Most Profitable Asset

You do...

Enter The Email Made Easy System


You’re one step away from ditching the guilt and overwhelm of having a neglected email list. 


Let’s turn your list into your favorite marketing channel in your business.

The 3 Phases to Email Marketing Greatness...

This system will walk you through each phase of creating, optimizing, and simplifying your email marketing strategy.

Phase 1

Planning Your Email Calendar

Destroy overwhelm by having a simple, sustainable plan. Using the Content Idea Generator, you’ll be able to brainstorm hundreds of brilliant email ideas your readers will love. You’ll then plug these easily into your Email Content Calendar Template and have your entire month of emails and promotions locked and loaded! No more wondering what to send ever again!

Phase 2

Writing Emails Superfast

Whether you love writing emails or absolutely hate it… one thing can be sure: it takes time. Time you probably don’t have. With the 6-Part Easy Copy Formula, Batching Strategy Shortcuts, and incredible Secret A.I. Copywriting, you’ll be able to crank out high-quality emails in just minutes! Pair this with your ideas and calendar from Phase 1 and you'll become a superhuman marketer.

Phase 3

Your Automation Foundation

Do the work once, benefit forever. Sound like an impossible dream? The Email Made Easy Automation Foundation makes it possible… and simpler than you can imagine. With Email Copy Templates, Email Automation Templates, and the Customer Journey Map, you have everything you need to automate awesomeness that nurtures, converts, and creates raving fans.

🤩 INCLUDED: Live Monthly Office Hours

Each month, we hold a one-hour live call where you can ask any questions about how to tailor The Email Made Easy System to fit your business.

On these calls, we'll also share any new strategies we're trying and keep you updated on exciting ideas you can use!

PLUS: You'll get these awesome bonuses to take your email to the next level!

The party is just getting started!

After the first 3 phases of the Email Made Easy System get you set up with an astonishingly simple and sustainable strategy for building an amazing email marketing system…

And when you’re ready to add rocket fuel to your marketing, these highly actionable bonuses will show you how to massively level up your entire system!

You’ll discover under-leveraged that small businesses can use to evolve your email marketing and build deep connections with your audience that even the Big Guys can’t compete with.


Rapid Review Roadmap

An easy guide to assess the performance of your email marketing in just minutes each month.


Best Practice Builder

A straightforward testing framework to figure out what works for your brand (and what doesn't).


Personalized Video Power-up

The single best way to create meaningful and lasting relationships with your subscribers.

Get the System + Bonuses 🥳

Email Made Easy System


Get Instant Access to:

  • The Content Idea Generator
  • Email Calendar Power Planner
  • Instant Automation Launch System
  • Email Copywriting Formulas
  • Foolproof Copy Blueprints
  • Lazy Writer's Super Shortcuts
  • Content Maximizer Method
  • Customer Journey Map Masterclass
  • Supercharged A.I Copywriting Strategy
  • Email Sequence Secrets
  • LIVE Monthly Office Hours 🤩  

PLUS you'll also get:

  • BONUS: Rapid Review Roadmap
  • BONUS: Best Practice Builder
  • BONUS: Personalized Video Power-up

Only Pay If You Absolutely Love It

If you decide the Email Made Easy System isn’t a good fit for you for any reason…

Just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

You deserve the chance to peek behind the curtain before you commit.

That means you can dive right in, use all the templates, set up your automations, and give the entire system a spin to decide if it’s as transformational as we say it is.

Consider this a no-risk way of seeing it for yourself.

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The Email Made Easy System

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Hi, I'm Joe.

Founder of Make Email Easy, as well as MAJiK Marketing - a marketing agency focused on helping brands create email marketing strategies and systems that grow revenue and relationships.

Over the years of helping hundreds of brands build out powerful and profitable email marketing campaigns and automations, I realized a few things…

  1. Most people get overwhelmed with email because they make it too complicated.
  2. Email marketing is misused more than almost any other marketing channel.
  3. If you have a simple, sustainable strategy for email, success is inevitable.

The funny part is… I hate spending time in my inbox. That’s because, like you, my inbox is flooded with emails I don’t want to read written by people who didn’t want to write them in the first place.

…but there are a few Hidden Gems in there…

Emails I actually look forward to reading every single time.

And that’s what my goal is for you: to become one of the few incredible emails your subscribers open, read, and love.

Let Me Show You How